Petvit Kidney Support Powder

Petvit Kidney Support Powder

  • Animal Animal
  • Brand Petvit
  • Category Supplement
  • Weight 100 gms

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Petvit Kidney Support Powder | Best Support for Kidney | Functional Dog Supplement with Astragalus Root Extract & Green Tea Leaf Extract | Supports Kidney Circulation and Immune Function | All Breeds of Dogs & Cats – 100 GM


Product Benefits


ü  Supports Kidney & Bladder Health: Petvit Kidney Support Powder is Powerful natural ingredients combined to create a supplement designed to promote a healthy Kidney function in Dogs and Cats.


ü  Kidney Support with Powerful Ingredients: Petvit Kidney Support Powder contain natural remedies such as Brewer's Yeast Powder, Rehmannia Glutinosa Root Extract, Astragalus Root Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Organic Dandelion Root, Inositol, Taurine, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, which aids maintenance of kidney and support flushing of bad bacteria.


ü  Bladder Urinary Tract Support: Our Petvit Kidney Supplements for Dogs and Cats Are Chicken Flavoured to help with administering, can be crushed and put into food, allow up to 4-6 weeks for best results.



ü  Natural ingredients: In our product Rehmannia Glutinosa Root Extract used invigorate the kidney in and has a very high medicinal value, the fructose in dandelion helps to maintain blood sugar levels, while the diuretic action of the root improves kidney function. N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been protecting the kidney from injury induced by contrast media, ischemia, and toxins.

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Category name Supplement
Animal name Animal
Brand Name Petvit
Package Details 100 gms

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