Petvit Allergy Aid Tablets

Petvit Allergy Aid Tablets

  • Animal Animal
  • Brand Petvit
  • Category Supplement
  • Weight 60 Tablets

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Petvit Allergy Aid Tablets| Allergy Aid for Cats and Dogs | Pet Allergy Support | Best Seasonal Allergy Relief supplements | Premium Plant-based Ingredients | All Breeds of Dogs & Cats - 60 Chewable Tablets



Product Benefits


ü  Help from Seasonal Allergy: Petvit Allergy Aid Tablets help with dog allergy relief for all breeds, ages, & sizes. If your pet is struggling with seasonal, food, skin or environmental allergies, has itchy skin/paws, or unwanted shedding, and then our Allergy Aid Tablets will help reduce symptoms of allergies.


ü  Dog & cat Itch Relief, Allergy: In our product contain Quercetin, its works to suppress inflammation and reduce the amount of histamine released in a dog's body. This means that if a dog comes into contact with pollen or another potential allergen, he or she will be less itchy.


ü  Ingredients: Also in our product herbal ingredients like, Nettles leaf help with reducing allergies, also help with the pain of arthritis. Bromelain help as an enzyme that provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties.



ü  Allergy Relief Ingredients: Burdock also serves as an excellent filter for your dog's bloodstream. It helps to create enzymes that aid in absorptions of nutrients. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation and the associated pain and discomfort.

More Information

Category name Supplement
Animal name Animal
Brand Name Petvit
Package Details 60 Tablets

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