Petvit L-Lysine Powder for Cats

Petvit L-Lysine Powder for Cats

  • Animal Cat
  • Brand Petvit
  • Category Supplement
  • Weight 100 gms

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Petvit L-Lysine Powder for Cats | Helps Support Eye Health, Immune System for Cats and Kittens | For Healthy Eye Function | Immune System Booster | Powder, Formulated for Cats | Multi Cat Household | for All Age Group of Cats – 100 GM




Product Benefits


ü  Immune system support for cats:  Petvit L-Lysine Powder is helps pets produce antibodies and enzymes that support the immune system. It is also helpful for calcium absorption, which supports strong bones, and it helps promote healthy skin.


ü  L-Lysine does not occur in cats: And most important thing is that a cat's body does not make Lysine on its own, but it's still essential for a cat's overall health.


ü  Helps manage health issues: Petvit L-Lysine Powder is support normal eye function, respiratory health, strong immune system and Helps manage common feline health issues like sneezing, runny nose, squinting and watery, inflamed eyes.



ü  Help Strengthen Cat Immunity: A healthy immune system and eye health is very important for cats of any age. And our product helps in healthy vision with these pet health supplements that help support normal inflammatory response and cat eye health.

More Information

Category name Supplement
Animal name Cat
Brand Name Petvit
Package Details 100 gms

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