Pet Feeding Bowl

Pet Feeding Bowl

  • Animal Dog
  • Brand DigVetS
  • Category Accessories
  • Weight 200 gms

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Health: Feeding bowls play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your pet. A clean feeding bowl helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause your pet to fall ill. Choosing the right size and type of bowl can also help prevent overeating and promote healthy eating habits.


Hygiene: Regularly cleaning your pet's feeding bowl ensures that it is free from dirt, bacteria, and other harmful substances. This not only keeps your pet healthy but also prevents the spread of germs and diseases.


Comfort: The right feeding bowl can make mealtime a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet. For example, a raised feeding bowl can help prevent strain on your pet's neck and joints, especially for larger breeds.


Convenience: Feeding bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your pet's needs. Some bowls come with features such as non-slip bases or spill-proof designs, making mealtime less messy and more convenient for both you and your pet.


Pet feeding bowls are important for maintaining the health and hygiene of your pet, promoting healthy eating habits, and making mealtime a comfortable and convenient experience.



DigVetS™ Pet feeding Bowl




v  Unique design of the anti-ant bowls makes it impossible for the ants and crawlies to get into your pets food.


v  High quality & heavy duty for durability


v  Made of durable and premium quality stainless steel Stainless steel used to make the bowls is corrosion and rust free Safe and healthy bowls for pets all ages and sizes Can be used to serve food and water.


v   Dish washer proof bowls Easy to clean and maintain.


v  Polished interior resists sticking and cleans up quickly.


v  Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.



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Category name Accessories
Animal name Dog
Brand Name DigVetS
Package Details 200 gms

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